Longboard Accountants, Croydon VIC

Michael Adams, Partner

``We recognised that the standout feature dealing with Accountancy Insurance (AI) was in the 'simplicity' of the overall relationship. Offering Audit Shield to our clients involved minimal practice involvement from us, as AI ensured everything was handled on our behalf with the utmost professionalism. Claims were settled quickly and with no fuss; the processes relating to the product itself were also easy to utilise. I would strongly recommend incorporating Audit Shield into any practice, as a worthy value offering.``

Angela Stainwall Accounting, Lilydale VIC

Angela Stainwall, Director

``Offering Audit Shield to our clients means that we can provide an additional valuable service to our clients and an extra component to our business. All our dealings with Accountancy Insurance have been friendly and professional, in particular with our Account Manager Alastair. The system is very user friendly and easy to work with.``


BNR Partners, Mulgrave VIC

Lynda Plaskett, Practice Manager

``Implementing and maintaining Audit Shield in our firm has been nothing short of exemplary. The process is easy and we’ve greatly appreciated the continuity of having the same Account Manager over the years. Over all, it’s a worthwhile service to offer to clients.``


Capitis Accounting Solutions, Horsham VIC

Melinda Ampt, Office Manager

``Audit Shield is great. It's easy and straight forward. Processes are very simple. No complaints, we are happy!``

Carroll Accounting Services Pty Ltd, Rosebud VIC

James Carroll, Principal

``Accountancy Insurance provides prompt and professional service whether it is over the phone or in person. Our dedicated Account Manager is always there to help. The claim process is easy to follow with prompt settlement. Audit Shield is a great additional service to our clients.``

Cooke & Foley, Ballarat VIC

Kym Cassells, Director

``Audit Shield is a safety net for our clients. It has also been beneficial to our firm for the fee we receive. Implementation is so straightforward – it only takes us about half an hour each year, which is certainly worthwhile considering the benefits to our clients and accounting firm.``


CP Accounting, East Malvern VIC

Stephen Culpitt, Partner

``We like the broad cover of the Audit Shield policy as it covers not just 'audits', but reviews, investigations, questionnaires and the like. Write offs as a result of this type of work are a thing of the past! The claims process is very easy and straight forward, takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and we have been paid in 2-3 days! Victor does all the work each year and even takes care of the follow up letter, it really is simple!``


Craig Lawson Consulting Pty Ltd, Coburg VIC

Craig Lawson, Principal

``Audit Shield gives my clients peace-of-mind, knowing that their fees (including engaged experts if required) will be covered should they be subject to an invasive and time consuming audit. It also allows me to advise my clients that fees in relation to audit work are subject to an additional charge and should they not take up the Audit Shield service, they will be liable for that charge. The Accountancy Insurance team is very professional and the mail out and administrative process is seamless.``

Devenny Payne, Bacchus Marsh VIC

Rob Schammer, General Manager

``Our practice has benefited from the Audit Shield service with an amazing take up over the past three years. Our Account Manager has provided insight into how to improve our take up rate and taught us not to discount clients simply because they didn’t adopt a policy in the first year. Accountancy Insurance has provided ongoing education and we are constantly learning about the service and how this benefits our clients' needs.``


Elias Rosenberg Pty Ltd, Malvern East VIC

Roy Rosenberg

``From the very beginning of our relationship with Accountancy Insurance (AI), we were pleasantly surprised with the ease of the process. All staff members we've dealt with are extremely helpful and always willing to go that extra mile to maintain the quality reputation of Audit Shield. We've also been pleased with the deft responses from the Claims Department whenever needed and the time they took to educate us about the process itself. Audit Shield is a product without competition and stands alone as a premium value-add service for our clients.``


HWZ Partners Pty Ltd, Heidelberg VIC

Nicole Moisis

``We have been very pleased with all our dealings with the Accountancy Insurance (AI) team. Processing claims on the website was really easy to do and the follow up system was a fantastic help to us keeping track of what we had to do next. Audit Shield has provided our clients with a great protection policy during a time when the ATO is becoming more stringent. We are happy to recommend this product as a worthwhile asset to any accounting firm.``

JAS Partners, Croydon VIC

John Salmon, Partner

``I should have signed up with Accountancy Insurance when our accounting firm was first established! I cannot express how delighted our firm is to be able to provide our clients with this protection whilst enjoying helpful and hassle-free claims support. I strongly encourage all accountants to consider Accountancy Insurance’s Audit Shield.``


KNP Solutions, Malvern VIC

Genny Gullo, Practice Manager

``At KNP Solutions we pride ourselves on offering our clients a ``total package``. Offering the Audit Shield service gives our clients a sense of being 'looked after' and that we are protecting their business. Accountancy Insurance makes the whole process very simple. The work they do to facilitate the client mail out each year means we only need to log payments and claims! The software is easy to use, claims are efficiently managed, and the staff are fantastic.``


KSR Partners Pty Ltd, Camberwell VIC

Brendan Allan, Practice Manager

``Audit Shield is excellent, not simply in terms of products provided, but more importantly in good old-fashioned customer service and support. In particular, we are fortunate to have Beatrice Koh as our Account Manager. Beatrice is incredibly thorough, very well organised and manages multiple, nuanced mail-outs and client follow-up in a way that releases our staff and improves the product acceptance by our clients. As an added bonus, we are able to use Beatrice’s excellent summary lists to check and improve the integrity of our database. Having previously overseen a manual, in-house, mail-out process (using an alternate supplier) I can very much appreciate and recommend the benefits of involving a dedicated professional team.``


Lusi & Company Corporate Accountants Business Advisers, Doncaster East VIC

Myriam Cairncross, Client Service Manager

``We have found the entire process quite effortless and our Accountancy Insurance account managers have been very helpful and friendly. The website is easy to use and any claims have been processed promptly. With the ATO requesting more and more reviews, it is comforting for our clients and ourselves to know that reimbursement is available. I would highly recommend Audit Shield to others.``


M & T Chartered Accountants, East Melbourne VIC

Stewart Trovato, CA

``As a client of Accountancy Insurance for the past four years now, we have experienced a high quality and efficient service. Any claims that we have lodged have been processed promptly and professionally. Accountancy Insurance has provided us with a service and product that many of our clients subscribe to and value highly.``


Maccora & Associates, Malvern East VIC

Caroline Maccora

``We have always found the Accountancy Insurance staff to be friendly, approachable and willing to answer queries. They keep us well-informed and, where possible, will tailor their service to suit our needs. Audit Shield is well-designed and has evolved into a thorough and user-friendly product.``


Mall Accountants, Essendon VIC

Michael Traficante, Director

``As well as being effective and simple to implement, Audit Shield's claims process flows smoothly and is handled very well. Our clients are happy and don't need to worry about unexpected invoices from us due to an ATO audit or review. We would recommend Audit Shield to other accountants who haven't as yet benefited from this great service.``

Matthews Steer Accountants & Advisors, Essendon Fields VIC

Adrian Misiano, Partner

``The main comments we receive from our clients regarding our Audit Shield service is that it is well worth the small investment and it is a seamless process. From the perspective of our accounting firm, Audit Shield is definitely worth having as it is a value add, so I would certainly recommend it to other accountants.``


McMahon Osborne Group, Sunbury VIC

Tim McCarthy, Director

``We are now confident in our approach to audit activity. In the past, we would be looking to get the audit resolved for a minimal cost to the client that would often lead to a write-off, so no one benefited. Audit Shield has created a 'win win' situation - the client knows that with the coverage they will get a premium service at no cost and internally we know that we will get paid for the job so we treat the work as a high priority, which means more efficient resolutions in the case of audit activity.``

MDB Taxation & Business Advisors, Melbourne VIC

Anna Petruzzelli JP B.Bus(Acc) CPA FIPA, Manager

“As audits are becoming more frequent, Audit Shield protects our clients against unexpected or additional fees. The implementation process of Audit Shield was very easy, and placing a claim and getting paid was an easy process.”


Morrows, Melbourne VIC

Helen Grigg

``Audit Shield has been of great benefit to us, as it protects our clients and firm, whilst offering an additional, value added service. Clients do not generally understand the complexity of the work involved with an audit response, especially a matter such as payroll tax. As such, it can be difficult to recover the time we legitimately spend responding to these matters. With Audit Shield in place, a proper response to audit queries can be attended to. I especially like the usability of the software platform and it's easy to run reports. Grant & Victor have been great, very attentive, and their communication is fantastic.``


MTA Accounting, Ballarat VIC

Tim McFarlane, General Manager

``We find the processes associated with implementing the Audit Shield service to be seamless and easy to maintain. The professionalism of our account manager makes our experience with the product both efficient and effortless. The online portal is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Claiming is easy and settled promptly. Audit Shield is a great product that gives our clients the necessary protection from unexpected audit costs.``

Nexus Accountants, Malvern VIC

Ivana Tempone, Office Manager

``Offering Audit Shield to our clients has enhanced their customer experience. With increasing pressure from the ATO, clients have recognised that tax audit insurance is no longer an option but rather a mandatory requirement. The quality product is supported by superior customer service; the Account Managers are attentive and eager to help throughout the process. Any claims are quickly dealt with and once they are submitted, there is nothing further for us to worry about. We really value our partnership with Accountancy Insurance and continue to appreciate the benefits for us and our clients.``


Paul Money Partners, Carlton VIC

Paul Money, Director

``We were originally attracted to Audit Shield as other policies we've had only covered 'audits'. With Audit Shield there are no arguments with definitions, they are all covered. Our clients see it as a comfort because they know professional fees can be expensive, Audit Shield minimises those costs. There is significant activity and our clients now do not hesitate to engage us to have these queries answered. Our dedicated account manager has been very co-operative, courteous and everything is dealt with in a timely manner.``

Robinson Voss Partners, Mount Eliza VIC

Craig Robinson and Sue Voss, Partners

``At Robinson Voss Partners, we have benefitted from having Audit Shield as a value add service offering for our clients. From the start, Audit Shield has been easy to implement and the team at Accountancy Insurance has been so swift with any queries. Each year our Account Manager works with us to make the process not only more efficient, but also helps us to best improve the service for our clients.``


Selwood Ackerly, Wangaratta VIC

Trevor Selwood, Partner

``We have found Audit Shield to be an excellent value added service for our clients. The Accountancy Insurance team offers a fantastic service, meaning we can offer Audit Shield with little input at practice level. Claims are always handled efficiently and professionally.``

Singer Ruben Partners, Caulfield VIC

Barry Singer, Partner

``We have been using Accountancy Insurance’s Audit Shield for 10 years now and highly recommend it to all accounting firms! The offering provides peace of mind, and our new clients even request it. The process is very straight forward and not time consuming at all. After all these years our team and clients have only ever encountered positive experiences with Audit Shield.``


Zanacorp Accounting Group Pty Ltd, Malvern VIC

Anthony Zanca, Partner

``Audit Shield is an excellent product covering fees otherwise payable by our clients in the event of an audit or review. We would recommend Audit Shield as a 'must have' service to any proactive accounting firm. The whole implementation process is seamless and a friendly and dedicated Accountancy Insurance Account Manager is always available to guide us, which makes the entire experience simple to incorporate and efficient.``


TH White & Co, St Kilda VIC

Sam Di Francesco, Partner

``Audit Shield has the winning formula of a great product coupled with a fantastic team. The online system makes lodging claims hassle free and is reinforced by the supportive relationship we enjoy with our dedicated Accountancy Insurance Account Manager. We'd recommend Audit Shield as a great value offering to any practice who wants to be smart about the ongoing ATO scrutiny.``


SY Group, South Yarra VIC

Adam Stevens, Partner

“The service from our Account Manager has been fantastic, and it has been stress-free working with the team in Accountancy Insurance’s Claims Department when we have had a claim to make. With ease we have been able to recover our accounting fees when clients have been audited, and our firm has benefited from an additional revenue stream. It is for these reasons that we would highly recommend Audit Shield.”


Sky Accountants, Ballarat VIC

Jamie Johns, Partner

``We are really happy with the assistance provided by the Accountancy Insurance team in implementing Audit Shield. We feel secure that we are operating a pro active service; our clients are protected, with minimum impact on our time. The revenue this has created for our business is an added bonus.``

VI-Partners logo

VI Partners, Essendon North VIC

Romeo Velardo CPA, DipFP, SMSF Specialist Advisor, Partner

“Having Audit Shield has been beneficial for both our firm and our clients. When it comes to audits, it has made interactions with clients easier as we don’t have to worry about conversations about payment for our time. Our clients are covered and it makes us feel great knowing that they won’t be out of pocket when it comes to those extra charges.``



A Squared Advisers, Toronto NSW

Adele Wardley, Director

``By providing Audit Shield to our clients, it offers them an extra assurance that we are protecting not just their accounting needs, such as income tax, but we are also protecting their workers compensation, superannuation, record keeping and FBT obligations. Clients like to know they won’t have surprise accountancy bills if they get an unexpected audit, especially those clients who know they are doing the right thing. Many clients have commented that the Audit Shield service is very affordable, compared with the cost of assistance with an audit.``


Archer Business Consulting, Mayfield NSW

Melissa Archer, The Principal

``The Audit Insurance product provided by Accountancy Insurance is a fantastic value-add tool for my business, which helps ease clients' concerns of potential ATO audits. The staff are friendly, professional and, above all, extremely helpful with resolving our queries. I have not hesitation in recommending the services of Accountancy Insurance to any accounting firm.``

Blackburn Prior, Lismore NSW

William Ford, Director

``The benefits of Audit Shield are multi-faceted. The process of explaining insurance helps to articulate to clients what we do versus what we can’t or don’t do. Discussing the ‘elephants in the room’ leaves the client much clearer about their responsibilities. This often results in them improving their own records and habits, when they realise that our ability to get them out of trouble is less than they previously thought. Audit Shield also helps the relationship between ourselves and our clients re-build after the shock and emotionally draining experience of an audit. From the client’s perspective, gratitude is the main feedback we receive about the service. From our business perspective, it is easier to re-arrange workflows and staff resources to accommodate an insured client than an uninsured client. For the sake of your client and yourself, get on board with Accountancy Insurance – it seems a lot of other accountants are offering it already.``


Bonsella Business Solutions, Canberra ACT

Dion Cannell and Bernard Hardy, Directors

``In terms of 'recoverability' for the time we are required to spend on ATO audit matters, Audit Shield is most certainly beneficial for our firm. Our team have been impressed with the efficiency of the overall process and claims management. Our clients are thoroughly impressed with Audit Shield as they view it as a security blanket – a barrier between them and the ATO.``

Clearstone Group

ClearStone Group, Castle Hill NSW

Pramesh Gunasekara, Partner

``Audit Shield has been invaluable to our service offerings, and I find it provides clients with peace of mind. Victor and his team have always been available for questions and the claims process is very simple with quick turnaround times. I believe that Audit Shield is a beneficial service to offer our clients and see great value in the offering.``


C & W Financial Services, Moree NSW

Mark Johnson, Partner, and Gay Burling, Practice Manager

``For us, it is the fact that Audit Shield has no impact on our day to day work, apart from the initial interview at the beginning of the year, it just happens for us. It is not disruptive, we have always had a very pleasant experience dealing with Accountancy Insurance. The people have always been great, and the turnaround time is great. The claims process has been very easy, we know what we need to have, we lodge the claim when we receive it and when they are completed, we'll have the money in our bank account. Our advice to other firms would be, don't be concerned with getting a negative client reaction, as you will get quite the opposite.``


Financial Index Wealth Accountants, Canberra ACT

Mark King, Senior Adviser

``We believe Audit Shield is an excellent client service that we are able to offer with confidence, knowing that what's promised will be delivered. The team at Accountancy Insurance is professional, courteous and timely, and the implementation process gets simpler each year. Claims are paid promptly and the software platform makes administration of Audit Shield easy.``

Fortis Accounting Partners, Sydney NSW

Henry Zhao, Partner

“Audit Shield has benefited our firm in a number of ways. Firstly, it helps to reduce our stress in relation to audits and allows us to fully commit to our clients’ audit affairs, leading to the best possible outcome. Audit Shield also helps to strengthen our bond with clients and ensure a mutually beneficial relationship through an otherwise stressful experience. Clients have commented that our Audit Shield service is affordable although still provides great benefits. I personally believe that Accountancy Insurance employs some of the best people in the industry which contributes to the success of Audit Shield.”


Fortunity, Erina NSW

Patricia Cotterell, Director

``Audit Shield covers everything and is very easy to work with, very straight forward. Accountancy Insurance customer service is also fantastic. Claims are lodged online and it is very simple to do. If we ever have a problem it is usually very easily fixed, usually with a simple phone call. All our claims have been paid. We did have a claim go through the review panel, which was very well handled and was ultimately paid. We have been happy to refer Audit Shield to other accountants, and we have. It is a product that we and our clients see value in, it's pretty unique.``


Grant Thornton, Sydney NSW

Ben Matthews, Partner

``Clients do not fully appreciate the time it can take to deal with investigations, audits, enquiries or reviews. Audit Shield has a sufficiently wide scope, so clients are thankful that this type of protection is available. Undoubtedly, interest from our clients regarding the service is high. Implementing and maintaining the Audit Shield service is extremely simple. The Accountancy Insurance team go out of their way to make the process as seamless as possible. I urge every accounting firm to offer Audit Shield as a valuable service offering. Audit Shield is a great product, so we happily recommend.``


Hadrill Accounting, Lyneham North ACT

Jane Hadrill, Principal

``We were pleasantly surprised by our client take-up rate and believe that the increasing ATO scrutiny has perhaps been the catalyst. Our dedicated Accountancy Insurance Account Manager ensures that there is little inconvenience to our practice with mail outs and the online software is very easy to use. The renewal process was extremely quick and we were very pleased! Offering anything new can have its challenges in the beginning but with Audit Shield what was promised did in fact happen. If only everything in life could be this simple!``


Keddie & Associates, North Parramatta NSW

David Keddie, Partner

``Our dedicated account manager ensured that we were informed and involved with the process from the beginning, without having to get bogged down with the detail. The Audit Shield software is very user friendly and makes the administration of the service very straight forward for us. We were very pleased at the simplicity the claims process - our first claim was paid within one day of submitting it!``


Lavery Hamilton, Green Point NSW

Kathy Hamilton, Partner

``We have been using Audit Shield for several years now. We are never disappointed with the quality of the product, the ease of administration and the support provided by Accountancy Insurance. The benefit of this product extends to both our firm and our clients. Our firm is in receipt of a recurring income stream, but also we know, should either a federal or state auditor come knocking on the door of one of our clients - they will be in the best position to deal with the process.``


MGS Accounting, Temora NSW

Darryn Smith and Duncan McCrone, Directors

``Audit Shield has exceeded our expectations and everything Accountancy Insurance promised. With this service we are assured that in the event of an audit, we are compensated for our work and do not pass on the fees to our clients. Surprisingly, it is so easy and quick to set up and is definitely worth the investment. The team at Accountancy Insurance are so accessible too. I often call the office to talk with the team and they provide their invaluable expertise.``


Myssy + Co, Sydney Olympic Park NSW

Dominic Myssy, Director

``Before we decided to engage Accountancy Insurance for their Audit Shield service, we enquired with one of our clients who is an insurance broker about what they could do for us in relation to tax audit insurance for the rest of our clients. They reviewed Accountancy Insurance’s Audit Shield policy and found it to be one of the broadest and most comprehensive in the market. Now that it has been 3 years that we have been offering Audit Shield to our clients, we cannot be happier with Accountancy Insurance's professionalism and their efficient claim process. Our clients who have taken up our Audit Shield offer include those who are well-regarded insurance-related professionals.``


Nash Solutions Pty Ltd, Wingham, NSW

Grahame Nash, Director

``We have been pleasantly surprised with the client response to the Audit Shield offer with a very solid client take up. The Accountancy Insurance team have proven to us why they are the market leaders, the implementation process was smooth and effective with minimal input required by us. The online system is very user friendly and simple to use, which means it is an additional service we can offer our clients without disrupting our core business.``


PinnacleHPC Accountants, Griffith NSW

Geoffrey Marin, Principal, Allan Andreazza, Principal, and Isabel Owen, PA

``We have found dealing with Accountancy Insurance a pleasure. Their team is knowledgeable and responsive and always provide a personal touch. The implementation process is smooth and minimises disruption to us, the on line system is simple and user friendly and when we made a claim, it was paid the next day! We were self insuring at one stage and always had concerns, now we don't have that worry and still make a decent margin.``


Pitcher Partners, Newcastle NSW

Scott Edden, Partner

``We tried self-insuring just ‘the good clients’ for many years, however, since we have had Audit Shield we can cover significantly more clients, administration is simpler and we have acknowledged that Audit Shield provides much better value. As the implementation and maintenance is predominately conducted by Accountancy Insurance, we can concentrate on our core business.``


Powe Partners, Engadine NSW

Lin Chen, Partner

``Our clients have complimented us and expressed their appreciation at being offered this service. Accountancy Insurance does all the work to get the offer out to our clients, and the software makes the ongoing administration very simple.``


Selby Watson & Co, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Blair Campbell, Director

``We decided to offer Audit Shield to our clients to give them comfort, and for our accounting firm it was rewarding to help our clients. Each year we have been required to make claims. Luckily our clients who opted-in to Audit Shield were covered, and fortunately for us the claims process was simple.``


Sullivan Dewing Pty Ltd, Caringbah NSW

Terry Dewing, Director

``We have been using the Audit Shield service for seven years now and have been delighted with the coverage for our clients. To put it simply, we know that we are entirely covered by the service and neither we nor our clients have to pay the bill whenever they have enquiry from the ATO or another government agency. We were also pleasantly surprised to find that Audit Shield covers a wide range of government enquiries including workers comp and payroll tax, in particular with payroll tax when clients don’t have liability. Only once you have to make an inevitable claim, you realise how important the Audit Shield policy is. We are particularly impressed by how quick claims are paid once lodged.``


SWL Accountants, Goulburn NSW

Simon Lanham, Partner

``It's been a fantastic value added product, it's taken a lot of stress off our practice. Now we have Audit Shield we always get full recovery on WIP. When we made a claim, it was a very efficient process. There were very few queries with the paperwork. The system was very streamlined. It took less than 20 minutes to do the paperwork. Our admin person actually said they would like to set up our systems as well as Accountancy Insurance's. It strengthens client relationships and in the situation where we have a new client coming on board, it gives us a competitive advantage against the other accountants that are just offering straight accounting services. It adds to our overall service offered. The whole experience of dealing with Audit Shield has been a positive one. Everyone in the practice feels that way. Recently it has been one of the best value added products we have offered and is so simple to administer.``

Toubenesq Accounting Group, Albury NSW

Julie Birch, Director

``Many of our clients actually ask for Audit Shield so we are glad we can provide an in demand service which we know works. We have experienced the claims process a number of times and it is so simple and we were paid very promptly. I would highly recommend to accounting firms without Audit Shield that they implement it``


Tribe Strategic Accountants, Canberra ACT

Grant Slater, Managing Director

``Accountancy Insurance have been providing our practice with Audit Shield which reduces the stress of some of the ATO activities. The support of the Accountancy Insurance team has been invaluable. It has been very efficient, with little time involved by our office. Audit Shield is a 'must' for accounting firms and their clients.``


William Buck, Sydney NSW

Graham Spring, Director

``We have been happy all round with the AI Audit Shield service, we especially like that we approve the entire process from start to finish and clients pay to take part in the cover, so there is no charge to the firm. The web application is great and user friendly, we have found the claims process to be seamless and easy to manage. We were not surprised with the number of claims made which include a lot of BAS Statements. We had a claim that went to the claims review panel; they asked a few questions and approved the claim to be paid. It was a very easy process.``


YCG, Rosehill NSW

Charles Younis, Director

``The concept, the idea and the product are just brilliant! The support and assistance we get from AI is great, whenever we have a question it is always answered in a prompt and efficient manner. We haven't needed to put much effort into the service, AI does all the hard work on our behalf and we get paid for it, it works well. The web portal is great and user friendly, it makes managing the process so simple. Everything is done online, even lodging a claim is easy, we just load our documents onto the secure web portal, and the claims are processed quickly. There is no comparison to what we previously used before moving to AI's Audit Shield.``



Accru Rawsons, Brisbane QLD

Brendan Watson, Jeffrey Rake and Melissa McCrystal, Partners

``The extensive cover of Audit Shield is a valuable offering to our clients. Accountancy Insurance has always been easy to deal with, with the process only requiring a small amount of partner time each year. The online site is effective and flexible, making the administration process easy. Claims we have lodged have progressed through to settlement smoothly as well, and our clients are relieved to have cover in place to reduce their costs. Overall, we would have no hesitancy in recommending Audit Shield to practices wanting to value-add and protect their clients from some of the cost associated with any audits, reviews, or investigations.``

Bach & Company Chartered Accountants, Indooroopilly QLD

Nicole McEwan, Office Manager

``We are so happy with Audit Shield and the service we receive. We cannot suggest any improvements that Accountancy Insurance could make. The claims process has been very straight forward and quick. Thank you for providing our firm and our clients with a sense of relief.``


Burke Advisory Pty Ltd, Gold Coast QLD

Sonya Burke, Partner

``Audit Shield was the missing link for the range of services we offer to our clients and it provided the assurance they require. The feedback I have received from clients is that they are relieved to have this service available to them. Our Account Manager has made the procedure painless as he guided us along the way.``


Change Accountants & Advisors, Brisbane QLD

Gemma Mealin, Client Services Coordinator

“We regard Audit Shield as an important service as it is a resource we exercise to ensure that we are providing a duty of care to our clients. As a bonus, the service from Accountancy Insurance is excellent, and they do most of the heavy lifting for us in terms of the implementation and renewal. We find that if clients decline it is usually because they are trying to save money, yet ironically they can end up significantly out of pocket in the event their tax returns are scrutinised.”


CKP Accountants, Jimboomba QLD

Craig Sheridan, Director

``Our clients have security in knowing if they get an audit from a government body, the time they employ us to assist them is covered and at no further cost to them. Despite the number of claims made, the peace of mind this provides clients in itself is invaluable.``

Clift Pearce Accounting, Ipswich QLD

Troy Pearce, Principal

``For our clients who have had to make a claim, they are so relieved that they took up our Audit Shield service. Even our clients who have chosen not to take up the service appreciate that we provide them with the option to be protected. The coverage really is broader than other policies I have seen and we are so impressed with the service we receive from Accountancy Insurance which allows us to focus on what we need to do rather than sorting through paperwork!``


Encore Accounting Pty Ltd, Bowen Hills QLD

Allan Mason, Principal

“As accountants we have a duty of care to our clients. Audit Shield assists us to execute that duty and also gives clients an option should the worst occur – namely an audit. We genuinely care about our clients and providing the Audit Shield service is an affirmation of our values. We think all accounting firms should offer the Audit Shield service. If a client is audited the fee recovery is more than worth the extra work in offering the service, and we have experienced this eventuality.``


Flagstone Business & Taxation Services, Jimboomba QLD

Kim Brearley, Principal

``Before implementing Audit Shield we would not have been able to recover all the time spent on work related to audit activity. Now we have the security that we can just get on with our job and fees will be covered. Our clients are actually more aware of ATO audit activity so they too feel more at ease knowing our fees would be covered in the event they were selected.``


HW One Chartered Accountants, Woolloongabba QLD

Cameron Wilson, Director

``Audit Shield eliminates exposure of professional fee costs to our clients in the event of audit activity. The associated fees for administering the review or audit process are covered. Audit Shield is also another service we can provide to our clients, which is a bonus.``

HW One Pty Ltd, Woolloongabba QLD

Cameron Wilson and Brendan Podevin, Directors

``We have been impressed by the ease of implementation and minimal time requirement to offer Accountancy Insurance's Audit Shield to our clients. The process was smooth and efficient and the website is simple to use, which means it is an additional service we can offer without disrupting our business or requiring any substantial investment in time. We would not hesitate in recommending Audit Shield and the service of Accountancy Insurance to other practices.``


JMD & Associates Pty Ltd, Tweed Coast QLD

Paula Smith, Director

``I have experienced exceptional service with my Account Manager and the annual renewal period is always easy and does not really require much input. As a sole practitioner, time is very valuable to me so I appreciate that Accountancy Insurance really understand this. Even if the ATO deems that no adjustments are required, there can still be considerable time spent in dealing with them and providing the required information. Luckily Audit Shield ensures that my clients will not have to pay the price for this.``


Kennas Chartered Accountants, Rockhampton QLD

Darren Smith, Partner

``Audit Shield is a service we can offer our clients with confidence, knowing the policy cover is comprehensive and broad. We were pleasantly surprised at how many of our clients took up the offer. The helpful and friendly Accountancy Insurance team, make it simple for us to fully control the process, without getting bogged down on the more time consuming details. The online system is easy to navigate and claims are paid promptly, a great service all round!``


Lead Partners, Newstead QLD

Sharyn Boulton, Partner

``Audit Shield is such a great service. Audit activity is definitely increasing, so we are relieved that this service has given our clients peace of mind. Time is always of the essence, and the team at Accountancy Insurance really acknowledge the need for efficiency. They made the implementation process so easy for us. Even the claim process is very straight forward. I receive a follow up email for any claims yet to be finalised, which makes it so simple!``

Marsh_Partners_Final_logo-01 (3)

Marsh & Partners Qld Pty Ltd, Brisbane QLD

Fred Patten, Partner

``The whole process is very smooth, especially the administration process. All that is required each year, is a small amount of partner time to review the client list prior to the mail out. Even the follow up of our clients is handled by Accountancy Insurance. We have only had a few claims and they have gone through very smoothly. The people at Accountancy Insurance add a personal touch, everyone has been able to answer questions. The extensive cover offered by the policy is a real benefit to our clients.``


MJG Partnership, Bundall QLD

Geanviere Tuckett, Office Manager

``Thanks to Audit Shield, we have been able to provide our clients with extra satisfaction from the services we provide as a firm. Based on our experiences and considering the benefits, we would highly recommend Audit Shield.``


Pilot Chartered Accountants (a member of Nexia International), Brisbane QLD

Jason Bayliss, Partner

``Audit Shield is a service that genuinely suits our clients and we have seen a very positive response from them. The Accountancy Insurance team provides an excellent, friendly service whereby they take on the administrative burden, yet we retain full control of the process. Claims are easily lodged via the online system, which also provides full tracking of client history.``


Power 2 Brisbane, Slacks Creek QLD 4127

Cheryl Krause, Administration Officer

``It is all straight forward with Audit Shield - from implementing and maintaining the service to making a claim. We are appreciative of the valuable Audit Shield Service which we provide to our clients, not to mention the additional revenue stream it provides our accounting firm!``

Quill Group Accounting, Broadbeach QLD

``Accountancy Insurance's customer service is brilliant. They have always solved any issues very quickly whether it's technical or otherwise, and we have always received outstanding service. There is always that 'I care about you' vibe. It is important to have a supplier that cares about your needs. It has been a good fundraiser for us, it's a little extra income while providing an additional service to protect our clients best interests.``


R W Ramsey & Company, Ipswich QLD

Neil Morris, Partner

``We have found Audit Shield an excellent fit for our clients and believe it to be a true value added service. The simplicity of the process also appeals to us, as does the quality and timeliness of the communication from the Accountancy Insurance team. Claims are always handled promptly and courteously.``


Robertson Scannell, Toowoomba QLD

Penny Bowden, Reception

``To us, Audit Shield translates to flexibility and peace of mind. The offering is renewed annually, and with Accountancy Insurance’s user friendly system, it is very easy to add clients and maintain the offering to our clients. We highly recommend Audit Shield as a beneficial service to offer clients; taking the worry out of impromptu tax audits and covering additional related expenses.``

Slade & Walker, Cooroy QLD

Sharron Walker and Ruth Slade, Proprietors

``Audit Shield has really brought to our clients’ attention that ATO audit activity is prevalent. For those clients who have needed to make a claim, they really appreciate the service and are grateful that they chose to be protected. Our Account Manager makes the process so easy and importantly Accountancy Insurance understands our business. They know when we are having busy periods and they genuinely can assist us by doing all of the work involved with the Audit Shield service!``


Taggart & Partners, Woolloongabba QLD

Raymond Taggart, Director

``I initially saw a requirement for Audit Shield when a number of clients were being audited at a significant cost, through no fault of their own. Even when an audit results in no adverse findings, clients still incur the accounting fees to defend the issue. I think we'll see an increase in audit activity over the next few years as the Government looks for ways to increase their revenue in economically challenging times. The service provided by Accountancy Insurance has been outstanding, they are professional and proactive.``


Vision Accountants, Toowoomba QLD

Michelle Li, Partner

``Audit Shield is a truly unique product which provides us with peace of mind in relation to unplanned professional fees incurred as result of audit, review or investigation. The ease of the online portal and the option for a pro-rata invoice is particularly helpful. Accountancy Insurance has made it so simple for us!``


Accounting Ninjas

Accounting Ninjas, Christies Beach SA

Doug Booth, Owner

``Returning to Audit Shield felt akin to reuniting with a sturdy dojo floor. Their unwavering dependability and effortless execution were a poignant recollection of the realm I had briefly departed. The path I had traversed enlightened me about the significance of embracing familiar and reliable remedies for the direction of my clan. This odyssey ingrained the principle that deeds resonate more powerfully than mere words. I am delighted to again stand alongside our Accountancy Insurance and Audit Shield comrades, where tangible outcomes hold greater weight than mere vows.``


Basso Newman, Adelaide SA

Brittany Battista, Office Manager

``I really cannot think of anything that needs improving with the process or inclusions of Audit Shield. The customer service with Accountancy Insurance is fantastic - queries are always answered quickly and our Account Manager is very helpful. We have never had any issues with any claims made.``

Bentleys SA/NT, Adelaide SA

Melanie Dawe, Business Manager

``We have returned to Accountancy Insurance after going with a competitor for several years. The Audit Shield platform is now better than ever with minimal facilitation required by us. We’re so glad to be back working with the Audit Shield team again.``

BHC Partners, Glenside SA

Genevieve Kammermann, Office Manager

``We have had a great experience offering Audit Shield to our clients. The Audit Shield Online Portal is very easy to use, Accountancy Insurance team members are always eager to help, the mail outs happen very quickly and the FAQs provided is very helpful.``

Bowman Management & Accounting Services Pty Ltd, Adelaide SA

Ralph Tortorella, Partner

``ATO and state based audits and reviews are becoming more frequent and more random. Audit Shield provides our clients with a level of comfort, and most see the cost as a necessity and part of their standard business overheads. The Audit Shield policy cover is broad and easily understood, and the claims process is simple and prompt. Audit Shield is a win-win product; no surprises for our clients, no fee write offs for our practice!``


Commercial & Legal, Adelaide SA

Carly Sims, Corporations Administrator

``We really like that our queries are answered promptly, and claims are a priority for the team at Accountancy Insurance. Our experience has been positive. We feel Audit Shield is a great service to provide our clients, and they value the opportunity to be protected.``

Creasey Associates, Eastwood SA

Jenny Creasey, Practice Manager

``Our accounting practice has always had efficient and reliable service from Accountancy Insurance. Whether it be a query that we have with a claim or just a general question, the response has always been prompt, thorough and professional. They take the time to explain any queries either the practice or a client may have about Audit Shield but also understand that we have constraints on our time, so are always proficient.``

C+H logo rev CMYK

Cunningham & Harvey, Gawler & Whyalla SA

Terry Harvey, Director

``The Accountancy Insurance team are friendly and always available when required. They make the entire process of offering Audit Shield to our clients pain free.``


GPA Accounting, Berri SA

Joanne Hayes, Client Services Coordinator

``Our clients are pleased we are offering them this proactive service, and an increasing number are taking up the offer each year. We like the fact that Accountancy Insurance does the work for us, and the Audit Shield website is very user friendly and simple to use. Whenever we call we receive prompt and courteous assistance and overall it is a very simple and effective service for us.``

Group GH, Port Adelaide SA

Nitsa Panou, Partner

``We became aware of Accountancy Insurance through their involvement with The Tax Institute. We had previously looked at other audit insurance options but found them too expensive and with limited policy cover. The Audit Shield policy is broad and simple, and when we have had claims they have been settled promptly. The client mail out was seamless and very well handled, and the Audit Shield software platform makes it easy for us to offer the service to clients right throughout the year. I am more than happy to recommend Accountancy Insurance to other firms.``

Le Cornu Lewis Hancock, Adelaide SA

Gary Chenoweth, Partner

“We have been very pleased with the experiences we have had since offering Audit Shield to our clients. Accountancy Insurance’s online portal is easy to navigate, and the support from our Account Manager is prompt and thorough. Our claims were paid in full, following a simple and efficient process.”

Letcher Moroney, North Adelaide SA

Dion Moroney, Partner

``I did not initially see a need for Audit Shield, as we had not had it in the past and didn't perceive any problems. Now that we have had Audit Shield in place for 3 years, I think it is a MUST as a service offering to clients. The claims process is very easy.``

Manos Partners, Adelaide SA

Michelle George, Director

``We have been very pleased with our dealings with Accountancy Insurance. Our Account Manager is attentive and provides prompt responses to any queries. The website is easy to navigate, the claims process is seamless and claims are settled very quickly.``

Nexia Edwards Marshall SA

Anne-Marie Andrews, Operations Coordinator

“We are delighted with the outstanding service of our Account Manager and the wider team. They are very responsive, especially when we require assistance. As a bonus, the Audit Shield portal is easy to use and navigate.”

Outcome Accounting, North Adelaide SA

Scott Lindqvist, Owner

``The Audit Shield policy is broad and easy to understand, and this enables me to discuss the service with clients with confidence. I have seen an increasing number of clients taking up the offer each year, as they can see the benefit and the increase in ATO audit activity. The retrospective cover is a huge benefit, as it allows me to offer the service to new clients and ensure that work we may have to do to respond to audits of returns lodged by another accountant is covered. Audit Shield can also be used as a point of difference when speaking to potential clients, as their current accountant may not offer the service.``


Perks, Adelaide SA

Belinda Butler, Operations/Project Manager

``Audit Shield is a professional and seamless service from the initial database analysis through to the annual rollover of invoicing. The online system is easy to navigate and we have never had an issue trying to find what we are looking for. We love the fact that the team at Accountancy Insurance take on the administrative burden, yet we retain full control of the process. Our clients’ claims have been processed quickly and efficiently with minimal delay. We would recommend Audit Shield as a great value offering to other accounting practices.``

Piteo Logo 2019

Piteo Accounting and Advisory, Norwood SA

Adele Taylor, Practice Manager

“We are extremely happy with Audit Shield and the outstanding service we receive from our dedicated Account Manager – Alice. The process of offering our clients this service is very straightforward and takes minimal involvement from our staff. As we are focused on offering a complete service to our clients, the product is an important part of what our practice tries to achieve. The dedication the Accountancy Insurance team put into the offer documents is great, as we are able to offer the our client Audit Shield without having to spend a lot of time on it. The online portal is also easy to use, no improvements need to be made!”

RBA Chartered Accountants, Darwin NT

Dan Riggall and Glen Butterworth, Directors

``Accountancy Insurance has ultimately provided our organisation with peace of mind. Audit Shield enables us to offer extra service to our clients, which in turn makes clients feel as though we are looking after their interests.We have found that the system for annual renewals and claim processing is excellent. We would highly recommend Audit Shield and Accountancy Insurance to other tax accountant professionals.``


Van Dyk Newbold & Co, McLaren Vale SA

Michael Van Dyk, Director

``Our Account Manager efficiently responds to any queries we have about Audit Shield. When we need to make a claim, the process is quick and painless. We could not believe the speed in which our client’s claim was processed and paid out by Accountancy Insurance! Recording our client’s payment and take up activity in the client portal is so simple too.``


Wise Accountants Pty Ltd, Norwood SA

Gary Hinchliffe, Director

``We have used Audit Shield for a number of years now. It is a great product and like all insurance the test is the experience you have when you claim. We have had no hassles whatsoever.``


AMHR Accounting, Burswood WA

Joanne Smith, Office Manager

“The implementation process was very smooth. The staff at Accountancy Insurance are very professional and easy to work with.``


AR Advisors, West Perth WA

Mark Giglia, Director

``Everyone knows that the ATO is focused on minimising the ‘tax gap’ and that part of this involves random audits of companies of all sizes, including SMEs. We happily offer Audit Shield to all of our clients because being subject to an audit can be both time consuming and extremely costly. Audit Shield helps to take away the worry and lets our clients get on with the business of running their business. We want to see our clients succeed and Audit Shield is a product that can help them to do this.``


BAS-SOL Pty Ltd, Claremont WA

Rosie Davidson, Director

“Most clients are unaware of the time-consuming nature of an ATO audit. Audit Shield allows our practice to invoice based on time, without having to explain to clients what is involved and our likely fees in the event of an audit. This saves our practice enormous time and energy. Our clients have expressed their thanks to us for our proactive approach and for taking the time to organise this insurance on their behalf. They are aware of the benefit and cost associated with the insurance, and believe taking up the service far outweighs the risk of worrying about how much our fees may be in the event of an audit. Without hesitation I would absolutely encourage all accounting firms to embrace Audit Shield and offer this to their clients.”


BM&Y, West Perth and Mandurah WA

David Carson, Jason Chong, Melvin Wong, Michelle Robinson, Karan Mehta, Kellee Lamb, Directors, and Stefanie Jenkin, Office Administration

``One of the big benefits of using Audit Shield over the past 3 years has been our ability to do audit work without worrying about a client backlash on fees, nor having write-offs for ATO audits. Any out of pocket expenses have been covered via a very straight forward claim process. Prior to offering Audit Shield, we experienced a number of audits and we became concerned about covering unexpected expenses. With Audit Shield, we now have a level of certainty around our exposure to unwarranted costs, and this has provided peace of mind – for us and for our clients. Initially we were not sure how our clients would react, however we have not had any clients react negatively. Instead we have found that Audit Shield is popular across a range of clients, for example with those clients who worry about having ATO audit activity outside their control.Over 25% of our client base has always taken up Audit Shield. Our philosophy has been that it is our responsibility to let our clients know what services are available, tell them the benefits but then leave them to decide whether or not the offer is right for them. We certainly do not do any 'hard sell'. Offering Audit Shield is easy and takes very little time commitment as the bulk of the work is done by Accountancy Insurance. Our suggestion to other accounting firms who do not yet offer Audit Shield to their clients - spend half an hour of your time with Accountancy Insurance to learn about Audit Shield. It will be one of the best investments you make - for your firm and your clients. Costs of inaction could be higher than costs of action.``

BSM Accountants, Victoria Park WA

``Initially, we partnered with Accountancy Insurance because we were struggling to recover fees from some of our clients in relation to ATO audit response work. Some clients didn't understand the 'value' of this work; we were losing hours and, even more importantly, endangering the relationship we'd worked hard to establish with our clients in the first place. Since implementing the Audit Shield service, our experience with the claims department has been positive and the marketing mail out is all taken care of by Accountancy Insurance. The whole process has been most efficient and accurate. We can report a very good take up rate and we're expecting even more clients to come on board given the increasing ATO scrutiny. Audit Shield is a great value-add service for our practice and our clients share our enthusiasm!``

Byford Accountants, Byford WA

Darren Bonker, Director

``Audit Shield has provided us peace of mind, and for our clients it has meant that they now have a choice to protect themselves. The team at Accountancy Insurance are always friendly and easy to get in contact with. We are grateful that they are always there to help.``

Code One Accountants, Inglewood WA

Alexander Quarles, Director

``In addition to the great peace-of-mind for both our clients and ourselves, we found Audit Shield to be a very important business tool for SMEs. The broad policy is easy to understand and straight forward; all our claims have been settled very quickly and the lodging process is easy. Personally, I love the facts that there is no excess fee and no minimum, as to how much you can claim. This way, there is absolutely no write-off on fees anymore. Also, the client take up rate is high and keeps growing every year! The superior customer service and marketing assistance Accountancy Insurance (AI) provides means that the entire experience has been extremely efficient. You can’t ask for much more than that!``

D Baker & Associates, Midland WA

Farrell Mosbach

``It is our pleasure to recommend Audit Shield as a 'must have' product for all accounting firms, and Accountancy Insurance as very easy to deal with. If you are an accounting firm considering Audit Shield; go for it! Over the past 5 years, our take-up rate has always been at least 20%. Our experience – whether or not a client takes up Audit Shield – has been that people appreciate knowing what is available to them, and the fact that we have gone 'beyond the basics'. Audit Shield is very straight forward to administer, with the majority of work undertaken by Accountancy Insurance. When we have had to make claims, they have always been paid promptly and without a fuss. Our firm has appreciated the personal approach of AI – having had 2 visits from directors in recent months. We would recommend Audit Shield to any WA accounting practices who want to operate as 'best practice' firms.``

Flowers Eddy CPA, Willetton WA

Jess Hardy, Office Manager

“Audit Shield has been extremely helpful with all of our audit queries over the years. Many of our clients take up Audit Shield for peace of mind, and the competitive pricing allows them to do so without hesitation”.


Globe BD, Canning Vale WA

Paul Gough, Partner

``Globe BD have used Audit Shield for three years now. We have had a great response from clients in taking this product up. It's a win win for both clients and our firm alike as the client has peace of mind that they won't have any unexpected fees for an audit and our firm is reassured that our time will be covered in an event of an audit. Our client manager, Melisa, is very professional and keeps informed right through the process. I highly recommend this service and product to other accounting firms``.


Hall Chadwick, Subiaco WA

Wayne Healy, Managing Director

``We initially saw Audit Shield as a 'want' rather than a 'must' but this soon changed because of the increased ATO audit activity. In our experience the ATO is getting more sophisticated, using data matching technology to review information from a range of government departments, and other third parties to identify possible risks and errors. For this reason, we have offered Audit Shield to our clients for the past 4 years. Our clients and our firm cannot not be happier with the service we receive from Accountancy Insurance. Accountancy Insurance deliver what they promise with highly efficient implementation and a claims process second to none. The policy is the broadest audit insurance policy we have seen on the market. We find the local WA team to be friendly, helpful and easy to deal with; and our claims have always been paid promptly. We recommend Audit Shield to all accountants who do not have it in their practice yet. If you would like to speak to me about Audit Shield and our experience, please get in touch.``

Moore Australia , Perth WA

Brett Cornwall, Director

``Audit Shield has given us the ability to get the best outcomes for our clients – because we are now effectively funded to produce detailed and thorough responses to any ATO queries and reviews. Our clients know our time cost will be covered by Audit Shield, should they be audited or requested to prove a claim, be it large or small. We thought it was an important insurance coverage to offer clients in light of what is, in our opinion, continuing increased ATO audit activity – both in general and particularly in areas such as GST, cash economy, high wealth individuals and various project based audits. One recent example was a client who had a cash economy audit on the basis of his margins being slightly below ATO business benchmarks. Arguing his position became a complex and expensive process, for which we were able to claim through Audit Shield. Our clients have the comfort of knowing that we can provide the right response to the ATO on their behalf, and that any costs incurred will be reimbursed – be that responding to an audit or securing GST refunds from the ATO. Any feedback we have received from clients has been positive, and we would definitely recommend Audit Shield to other accounting firms. It is important that clients are offered the peace of mind - knowing we can put the time into getting the best outcomes for them in dealing with any ATO audits - without additional unexpected expense.``

Muntz Partners

Muntz Partners, Doubleview WA

Domenic Fulco, Practice Manager

``We signed up for Audit Shield in 2008 and have found the product to be well accepted amongst our clients. Melisa from AI looks after the mailing to the clients, which means we don't have to spend time on it. Recently we have noticed increased activity from the ATO in regards to BAS audits, especially where the client expects a large refund or the ATO sees something a little differently. Notifying a potential claim is easy, it is all done electronically via the web based system. Once the audit is finished, we notify AI, include our invoice and in a majority of cases we are paid within 48 hours. They also remind us regularly on claims that have not been finalised as yet. This is great as it is easy to forget that the audit has finalised so this acts as a good prompt to have the claim finalised. Audit Shield is a good value add to clients and is a sound revenue earner as well. It is a valuable tool to have.``


Thorntons Business Advisors, East Perth WA

Helen Dyer, Practice Manager

``We have been offering Audit Shield by Accountancy Insurance for over 4 years now, and over that time we have had a number of claims dealt with efficiently and promptly by the Audit Shield team. They do most of the work to make the offering process to our clients very smooth and pain-free. We also take a great deal of comfort from knowing that our clients are covered in the case of an unexpected audit.``

Wisdom Accounting & Tax Solutions, Mount Hawthorn, WA

Lisa Rowe B.Business, CA, Principal

``I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the Claims Department at Accountancy Insurance for their efficiency and professionalism at processing my Audit Shield claim. I found the process seamless, informative and very efficient.``


Your Business Accountants, Joondalup WA

Eleanor Shakeshaft FCCA, Director

I appreciate the efficiency of the Accountancy Insurance team, during our recent claim. This was our first large claim and we were very pleased at the simplicity of the claims process. The time saving and convenience of Audit Shield is very valuable to our firm and for our clients. Audit Shield ensured that my client did not have to pay additionally when they were reviewed by the ATO which is definitely a selling point for this client and other clients to participate in Audit Shield.


Accru Hobart TAS

Michael Burnett, Partner

``We have found our Account Manager and the Audit Shield service most helpful. Attentive to the busy needs of our partners, helpful in connecting our clients and prompt with paying claims – we highly recommend the service to firms who are yet to offer Audit Shield to their clients. We enjoy the many benefits of working with the team at Accountancy Insurance.``

Macquarie Accounting, Hobart TAS

John Langford, Partner

``From my experience, the one element I would like to particularly emphasise with Audit Shield is that the service provided by Accountancy Insurance is absolutely seamless – from start to finish. Implementing and maintaining Audit Shield requires very little work from our end, the clients value the cover and it adds to the overall service Macquarie Accounting can provide.``


Ruddicks Chartered Accountants, Launceston TAS

Bob Ruddick, Partner

``We have offered Accountancy Insurance to our clients for many years now. We have been extremely impressed with the cooperation received from the team at AI in working through complex claims and turning all claims around really efficiently. The client feedback regarding Audit Shield has been very positive too. We most certainly consider Audit Shield a worthwhile offering to our clients. The conversations we now have with clients who have suffered tax audit enquiries are substantially easier thanks to Audit Shield. Most of our clients are comfortable with the fee to participate when they consider the risks. Offering Audit Shield has been a very beneficial exercise for our accounting firm, and is something we plan to continue well into the future.”